Being a church planter or being a part of a church planting team is a unique call. You may already possess the spiritual gifts necessary for such call. You may have wondered if your gifting is suited to effective pursuit of the same.

Take this short self-assessment and find out. Mark your answers and follow the instructions at the end. You might even consider having a close friend or associate answer the questions with you.

Select one answer for each question.


This past year I have pursued more learning by
reading books, participating in several seminars or classes, either online or otherwise and meeting with a mentor.
reading books or listening to tapes and meeting with a mentor.
participating in a seminar or class either online or face to face.
reading books.

When someone attempts to keep me from implementing an idea, I
attempt to persuade them to join me in accomplishing it.
keep focused and ignore him/her.
refrain from implementing the idea until others agree with me
often get angry and give up on my idea.

I am good at sharing my ideas with others and encouraging them to join me in them.
Most of the time
Some of the time
I am most effective when I am assisting someone with their ideas.

I generally
complete most of the things I start.
complete all of the things I start.
complete a few things I start.
I am really not a good starter, but do better working under someone else.

I work best when I
am able to work from ideas that were laid upon my heart by the Lord.
can come up with a good idea and receive help in planning its development.
am able to follow the ideas that God gave to another person.
can be assigned a task that is part of the idea and focus on that.

I usually complete tasks
without having to be reminded.
just before the deadline.
with a gentle reminder from an associate or someone supervising me.
after the deadline.

When I am overwhelmed with tasks to accomplish, I
delegate the jobs to others.
drop some of the less important jobs.
will ask people to assist me only when the job would fail to be completed otherwise.
get frustrated and do the minimum.

If I were allowed to start a new church, I would prefer
to invest most of my time in reaching un-churched people.
to spend 80% of my time with the church and about 20% of my time with the un-churched.
to bring someone on my team who could communicate well with the un-churched so that I could devote my time to discipling Christians.
to focus upon the needs of the people in the church.

I am currently pursuing
multiple relationships with un-churched people for the purpose of loving them and leading them to the Lord.
a relationship with an un-churched person in order to love him/her and lead him/her to the Lord.
plans to start relationships with un-churched people for the purpose of loving them and leading them to the Lord.
no relationship with an un-churched person for the purpose of loving them and leading them to Christ.

I function best
when I can hang out with people who do not yet know Jesus.
when I am relating to new Christians.
when I can spend much of my time building relationships with Christians.
when I am relating to mature Christians.

My spouse (if applicable, otherwise, move to #12)
takes an active part in the ministry of the church whether in a visible way or behind the scenes.
prefers to support my involvement in a supportive background role.
considers ministry as my responsibility, not hers/his.
believes ministry in the church is a detriment to our family life.

I make it a priority to
schedule at least one time a week for relaxation and/or family fun. Only a drastic emergency can interfere with this time.
regularly schedule a time of relaxation/refreshment with my spouse or for me personally (if not married).
have a date with my spouse or a personal time of relaxation and fun (if single), when I can schedule it.
have a full calendar of work related activities with little time for recreation, relaxation or family fun because my position/work requires that of me.

When new people start coming to church,
I try to encourage others to invite them to a small group gathering.
I personally visit them.
I usually let them visit a few times before encouraging them to greater involvement.
I simply allow them to build relationships on their own.

I perceive the primary role of the pastor/leader to
train and equip the people to serve /lead.
lead and administrate the work of the church.
preach the good news of Jesus at church.
care for the needs of people.

I believe the style of worship for a church should be
flexible to changing times and people.
set when the church first starts and changed only when the leadership changes.
traditional, reflecting time-honored values.
what the pastor likes.

The way I prefer to learn about the needs of my community is through
getting to know people personally in the community.
the U.S. Census.
conducting a religious survey of the community.
trial and error. Do an outreach, and then assess the success or failure of the event.

I believe the best way to discover my spiritual gifts is to
take a spiritual gift exam and have a personal interview with a pastor before trying an area of serving.
try different areas of serving and find out what works.
primarily do the things I like to do.
wait to be asked by leaders to serve in some way.

On a scale of 1-4 with 1 being the lowest and 4 the highest, I would describe my capacity for multitasking to be:

When I am in a group of Christians that are divided over an issue, I
help them focus on what we are called to do.
serve as referee to bring peace.
use the Bible to show the fault of their actions.
find myself choosing sides.

In times of hardship and disappointment I
usually strengthen my resolve to continue to follow the direction the Lord has given me for my life.
may get discouraged for a while, but I go to the Lord and renew my pursuit of His direction for me.
usually struggle with strong feelings of defeat and resign myself to the circumstances I am facing.
often am so deeply affected that I feel isolated from other Christians and begin to ignore God.

On a scale of one to four how convinced are you that God has called you to plant a church? (1 being not convinced and 4 being thoroughly convinced)